Pattern Klondike Czech Nymph


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I came up with this idea at work today but in my mind this pattern had a much slimmer profile. Hell maybe the fish want a Klondike bar vs a fat free, sugar free, carb free morsel of paleo-bull shit. Just like Viagra if it doesnt bling at night I have little cofidence in my performance. Here is my take on the traditional Czech nymph.

Hook: Hanak Original Czech nymph #12
Thread: Veevus 12/0 in olive
Weight: Lead wrap
Abdomen: Medium olive SLF dubbing
Performance flies clear body stretch, Ultra wire flouro yellow in brassie,
Pearl tinsel, brown Copic marker
Hot spot: Fluoro pink yarn
Head: SLF black

Under UV
20170321_212056.jpg 20170321_212112.jpg 20170321_212121.jpg

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