Does anybody read NW Sportfishing?

I know this may come off as ego-stroking or self promotion, but does anybody read NW Sportfishing Magazine (Formerly NW Fishing Holes) anymore? If so what do you think? Honestly now (and don't feel like you HAVE to comment on that tyro who does the tying column).

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
Used to pickup the fishing holes magazine a few years ago at Sportco, but it disappeared. I never go into sporting goods stores anymore (If I do it's a quick in and out). Didn't realize it was back in. Will have to take a look at Sportco and see if they have it and let you know what I think.

Just a side note. Still mad about the fishing holes mag for putting a full story on a small river I fish. Dang it. Made a certain drift unbearable after that. :MAD Went from hardly anyone drifting it to people asking where the "dropin at @#$" is". I won't name names, because is starting to mellow out and don't want it rerun. :TONGUE But I always like the old fishing holes mag. Just up and disappeared one day.

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