FS Echo Shadow II 3100 fly rod with Echo reel and SA Nymph line

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Mark Koch

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This is a 10' 3wt Euro nymph stick. Light and fast, the Shadow II offers critical line feel and control with an action that will also toss a loop when the bugs start flying.

Rod has been fished 4 days.

Reel is an Echo Ion 4/5.

Reel has been fishing for two seasons and shows some wear marks that are all cosmetic.

The line is a Scientific Anglers Wavelength Nymph-Indicator Fly Line - Floating, Weight Forward 4wt.

Line has been fished 4 days.

Includes backing and set up for LH retrieve.

Would like local sale, will ship for actual shipping cost. I do travel western WI, SE MN and NE IA for work and could meet.



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Red Arch

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These are great euro nymph rods, I'd suggest changing the line over to a euro nymph line if anyone buys it
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