Pattern Huckleberry Cheesecake PMD

No matter how full I am I always manage to have room for homemade huckleberry cheesecake. It's an orgy of deliciousness that can't be beat. The purple berries, syrup, graham cracker crust and creamy sweet cheesiness is heaven on a spoon. My thought last night was that maybe trout want that experience after a mid morning binger of stoneflies.

Hook: TMC 2487 size 16
Tail: Pheasant
Abdomen: Purple ice dubbing, hot orange wire, pheasant tail fibers over the back
Head: 5/32 bead
Wing: Fake snow I found at Hobby Lobby twisted.
Wing case: 1/8 cut black scud back or similar treated with UV resin
Body: UV yellow ice dubbing
Legs: Pheasant tail fibers
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