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hi, i'm planning a trip to the penninsula tomorrow and possibly monday. I've heard that the Sol Duc is fishing well for Sockeye. Does anyone know what sort of fly to use? Is the lower river the place to be? We may also go to the Hoh (south fork probably). Has anyone fished either of these rivers recently? I've also heard good things about the quillaute, but have never been.

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I've also been looking for a place to chase Sockeye on a fly in Washington. I noticed in the Delorme Gazeteer that the Sol Duc is not listed as a body of water that holds Sockeye. I was curious where you were able to come up with the information that it has Sockeye?

I have used VERY SPARSE flies to catch Sockeye in Alaska. The I used flies resembled Comets in white, dark red, and green. The fish didn't move very far to chase the fly. I've heard that the majority of Sockeye caught are snagged, and that may be true as they are not particularly aggressive. However, I've seen them move a few inches to intercept very small offerings.

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Get your fly in the mouth of the sockeye, this usually means 1/2-1 ounce of lead keep your fly on the bottom, you should feel a taping of you lead on the botom. When the taping stops jerk, you'll have a fish or get off a big rock. Try spruce flys, flash flys egg sucking leaches, egg patterns, and sprase litttle flies.
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I have caught quite a few Sockeye on the Kenai system using simply a glow bug under an indicator while fishing for trout. My second choice would be a small white bugger in about a size 8. They will hit a fly, but they will quickly turn off if even light fishing pressure is about. When they are silver they are one of the best fighting of all of the salmon; however once they start to turn they are slugs. Good luck and let us know how you do.


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I received this June 16 from a friend in Kodiak (Afognak (sp?) actually)

Some friends came over to Danger Bay and we went up to Portage River fishing.
The first day we went Rainbow trout fishing on a section of the River I had
never fished. I fished four hours in the same two hundred feet of river.
There were hundreds if not thousands of bows. The fish were raising to bugs
on the surface so I went directly to dry flies. The other four people were
fishing wet flies. I found they caught somewhat larger fish but I got the
fish on the surface.

The second day we when Red fishing. They wanted to fly fish for the reds and
it told then that I did not think you could catch reds on anything but a
large weighted triple hook. Aaron said yes a lot of people think that but
that they are easily caught on some types of wet flies and he showed me the

Well, we took a boat up to transfer site at Portage Bay and went into to the
mouth of the river. There were a few reds in the hole below the falls and the
tide was perfect at a minus 1.2. We fish about an hour there without catching
any fish. The others moved up the river to the first good hole above the
falls. I stayed behind trying to catch some dollies. I shortly move up river
where the others were fishing. Just as I can upon the hole Aaron had on a
nice jumping red. He landed it and on the next cast he hook and got the
second fish. Aaron gave me one of his same green yarn hand tied flies to fish
with. The three of them were working one side of the river so I went up
stream and crossed over to the other side. I fished the fly without much luck
and learned from Aaron that he had put three small split shot weights on to
get down to the bottom. I did not have any shot so switched to a small
weighted green and white fly that I had in my box. On the first drift I was
hit hard by a nice six pounder. I surprised me that the red hit the fly and
really nailed it. I was really enjoying myself. I would get a red about every
seventh or eighth cast. I finally snapped off the green and with fly on a
large fish. I should have checked the six pound leader as I am sure it was
taking quite a beating. The fishing was outstanding. The reds sometime would
jump and jump and with the light gear you had to pay close attention or you
would loose the fish.

There was not a lot of fish in the hole. The run is just starting so the
water was not just wall tot wall fish. After braking off the green and white
fly I switched to a similar black fly. The color change made a difference. I
was not catching as many fish and after a while I got to digging around in my
fly box and found a smaller weighted green twinkle fly. This one did somewhat
better and I started catching fish again.

I am not sure if this had something to do with the early fish or if I have
just learned a new red fishing method. But it beats the heck out of jerk
fishing for reds. I had one of my best days fishing on Afognak yesterday and
that is saying something for fishing in fish heaven.

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