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Is there any interest in a bamboo fly rod clave in the Puget Sound area? I went to a fiberglass gathering a couple of years ago in north Seattle at a park and had lots of fun. I am not that familiar with the parks or locations on the east side of the sound, so the location would be negotiable. I think it would really add some interest if we could show off our rods and fish them as well. I would like to keep the location centrally located to encourage the most people to participate. To be honest I am not sure what all is involved in putting on a clave, but it sounds to me like it would be a lot of fun. So, if there is any interest let’s start by picking a time and a location. My daughter is getting married in early June so sometime in July or August works for me. Maybe even in the fall. What say you all?


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We had a Grass & Glass casting outing at a Redmond park one morning a couple years ago. I enjoyed it, a lot of great local bamboo guys around and fun to try out a lot of interesting rods. I'd be up for it again.
Hi Jerry,
I'm not a builder.....yet, but there are a bunch of us that redo bamboo rods and fish them a lot! And there are some very talented local bamboo rod builders around here too! Tom, Ray and Mike to name a few. Have you been following the "short bamboo rod challenge?" Quite a group of bamboo enthusiasts. Care to join us? I'd be game for a clave, keep us posted and I'll pass along the word.---Steve
Casting gatherings are always fun and interesting. You can cast the latest experiments by rod makers, popular current tapers, and old rods that folks have bought and refinished. It's also great to meet up with people that share your interest.

It's always hard to pick a date and location that works for everyone, but I hope someone steps forward and organizes a gathering. With a poor forecast for pink salmon this summer, August would be a good time.


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I always enjoy rod gatherings for both the rods and the people.

You probably won't be able to find a date that suits absolutely everyone so just go with what seems to suit the majority and try to give as much notice as possible. I wouldn't try to incorporate fishing with a meet & greet & cast event.

I am pleased with the comments I have already received. Lets keep this going. Steve mentioned some local builders. I think it would be great if we could get them to participate.
My guess this would be a small event, but maybe we could make this something more next year. Am I getting ahead of my self? I live in Kitsap County. I plan to go over to the Seattle side of the sound and look at the suitability of a few locations. I would appreciate any suggestions you guys may have as to locations. Think about parking, large grassy area to cast and the possibility of fishing.


I recommend keeping it simple & not thinking about fishing opportunities, food, etc. Back-cast room and clean grass that's easy on fly lines are important.

The place we used in Redmond in 2015 was nice. I don't remember the name of the park, but I'm sure others will.



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If you guys haven't considered it the fly casting area and dock on the west side of green lake might work for you. Two clubs give casting lessons there in the spring and I think someone told me you can reserve the dock.
Steve, I received my blank today and just set the ferrules. I want to put on a few coats of varnish over the weekend and put the reel seat on Monday and start my wraps or Tuesday. If all goes well should be done by the end of the week. Combining the two would be OK with me. You are already on the Seattle side of the Sound and know the places that would work.
I would agree with Tim and Tom and keep it simple and not try to add food, beverages and fishing. That would be just too much to orchestrate for a afternoon outing IMHO. The Redmond site mentioned earlier was nice and gave us a lot of room to lay out some line with bamboo. I'd also suggest keep the bamboo format wide open to be able to experience more of the many different tapers that bamboo rods have. Finally just pick a day and go for it, you will waste the whole spring trying to pick a day that everyone will be able to attend on. Just my 2 cents worth.

You got it guys, simple is better. Cast and BS goes together like syrup on pancakes! I'll figure something out and post it, and hope most will be able to attend.

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