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It sounds like 6/24 might work for most folks. A proposal (or maybe just a false cast...)?

Saturday June 24th 9am.

16202 NE 40th St, Redmond, WA

Same park as 2 years ago. Large, open, very quiet. Easy parking. Somewhat centrally located. It's across the street from part of the main Microsoft campus off NE 40th and is just a few blocks off Rte. 520.

Let's get together to cast cane and glass rods, classic, new, blue collar and SHORTIES!

Also please bring chairs (to sit on) and folding tables or horses (to put rods on). BYO food and drinks too. The park has few amenities for a group gathering - but it's a big open and flat field and gets very little use, so should be perfect for the main point of this gathering: casting fly rods!

Please offer your thoughts "good" or "bad" either day and/or location. If its looking good we can repost it as an announcement so more folks notice it....


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Looks like I have an early morning conflict on the 24th but could get to the park around 9:30 so that day works for me. Ron
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I was thinking about showing up at 7. ;) The commute is easier too. At the first G&G, didn't some stagger in after several had left?

Keep it 9am. It's not like you will be banished for life if late.

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