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I am new to the site and I was wondering where there is to fish in winter and early spring coming from Moscow, ID. I realize the lake season that opens March 1 is good, and I did a little of that last year. Are there any rivers that are worth fishing when the weather is cold.
I am originally from the east coast, I did my undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, and am currently working on my Master's in Moscow. I'm not used to the closed fishing seasons in the winter as well as the lack of public spring creeks and tailwaters. Any help you may offer would be greatly appreciated.

Bob Triggs

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Virginia; Im thinking of the mouth of the James River, and those big Striped Bass at dusk and dawn....OOOOhhhh.

Nice to have you aboard. I hope you will take a look at the Conservation Forum here as well, since you are on the science side of things. We always appreciate a new, fresh perspective. I have no doubt that many will welcome you to this remarkablke online community of Washington flyfishers. :thumb:


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My very limited knowlege would point you to the Tucannon or the Grande Rhonde...track down Pwoens, he's one smart cookie on the subject.

Mike Etgen

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Nothing to offer on your question, but have to say hello to a fellow Hokie! :thumb:

And, that's "New River Mike." Yes, THAT New River. If you're a Hokie you must know the river and possibly you've fished it for smallmouth...

Or the James? Shenandoah? Rappahannock?

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