Trip Report DIY ELuthera Bahamas

P1010616.JPG I just returned from a two week vacation and DIY bonefishing trip in the Bahamas. As luck would have it, I tore my rotator cuff three days before the trip, so I became my wife's personal guide. The weather was a bit tough with clouds and winds, but we managed to catch a few fish. We kayaked to several different flats, which we had all to ourselves.

You do have to buy a Bahamas license to fish the flats. They are not easy to locate, but we did find the office that sold them after we had already fished for two days. Another angler warned us about it, so we chose not to take any chances. The fines run from $250.00 to $2,000.00 included imprisonment. They were $20.00 a week or $30.00 per week. I did not want to be the example.

We got there late on the first day and went to a local flat to watch the sunset and possibly fish. We saw two bones and my wife caught both of them. She did it by the book and I was extremely impressed.

On the days when the weather was not conducive for one fishing, she would blind cast for small yellow tails and other reef fish.

One day, we kayaked out by a fishing village and a young boy joined us for the morning. He was full of funny stories. He was very unimpressed when we let a bonefish go.

We rented a small place on a beach, so we kept costs down. There is a local grocery store, so we were able to cook a lot of our meals, plus we took some dry goods with us.


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Nice report. Would love to get back there again. Whereabouts on the island were you staying/fishing?

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