First Time at Cady....


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What a beautiful lake! Fantastic weather! :) Fished from about 7am to dark. Had the joint to myself all morning then 3 guys show up and shared the lake with me the rest of the day. I'm bad with names but I believe they were Steve, John and Lou. Great fishing banter.
Had six to the net. Biggest was 25" caught on a egg sucking leech on a full sink line. Smallest was caught on a black micro leech on a intermediate line, it was 10". The 10" was the only on I caught that was less than 16".:) Lost count of the LDRs. 4 or 5. 3 broke off( not sure why my leader kept breaking, may have been my knot.) and a few more just shook off. 2 of my netted fish were caught on a chironomid under indicator. #12 black sno cone and #12 chromie.
Lots of rising fish in afternoon and evening. Tried an emerger with no luck.
A GREAT day! Glad I finally made it out there.

Looking for more lakes like this one in the SW counties and OP. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks.

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Glad I saw this...Me and buddy Jim used to drive way up to Cady to fish every once in a while...Jim liked to finger walk those chironomids...he has patience I don't...Anyway we had heard it was not open anymore...we always left a donation in the box...beautiful fish...big fish...
Was there the other day with a friend, caught a good amount of fish in the morning, they were cruising the surface, my assumption is to find some meat, chironomids are like popcorn to fish and I'm sure they get instinctive and seek bigger bites. Threw them some buggers and some percs, netted at least 5 20+ inch bows in a span of 2 hours with a few cutts in between. This guy was the most colorful of the bunch

Beautiful Coastal Cutty!

I love all the daphnia in the lake, I also saw a ton of big white boatmen paddling around as well as a couple stick bugs that must've been blown out of the trees! Lol wonder if anyone has tied a stick bug pattern??


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I love all the daphnia in the lake QUOTE]
Sounds to me like folks have been having some really good fishing, including catching, despite lots of daphnia. Nice trout and really good pictures!

Daphnia perplex me but because folks were catching trout, I'd have to guess that the trout were not keyed into the "red hatch". I fished an E. WA lake yesterday and expected GREAT things. Water was 54°F, slightly warmer than the air. And there were lots of shucks on the water. What I saw, the one time the wind laid down enough to row out into the main body of the lake, and the only time the sun peeked out, was a massive submerged cloud of daphnia. As far as I could see.

As I was leaving I spoke with one of the few other anglers on the lake and mentioned what I'd seen. She said she'd pumped a couple of the few trout caught and the fish were gorged on daphnia. So the whole point of my reply to your post "I don't love all the dahpnia....." :D

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