Trip Report Breaking the Ice


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Enough with the hiking, the flowers, the scenery; time for a few days of real man (and woman; saw enough of them on the water) stuff. Drive along the south boundary of the park; snowpack still looking good on both sides of the Divide

Onto the res

and down the east side

the kid's spirit animals enjoy the view

and I thought Browning was the land that time forgot

plenty of water, so I got that going for me; which is nice

Best spot on the lot; solar panel deployed

spent the afternoon walking the river, taking in the sights (a.k.a. getting skunked)

both sides of the coin

up and at'em

looked like a football with wings when he jumped

5000 cfs; nice (bumped to 6000 the next day and 6500+ on Wed)

word was that the upper river was fishing slow; decided to test that theory and was rewarded with 1 hookup (SDR) and more scenery

no bighorns on the slopes but 4 juvie baldies riding the updraft

gave the canyonlands a shot the next day; balky camera battery means you don't get to see me being skunked in different surroundings

back to more pastural settings (can't remember seeing anything but horses here in 6 years; price of beef must be rising)


a few more on, a few more caught but not one for the record books

time to look elsewhere; no pics but lots of curlews, short-eared owls and what I'm pretty sure was a peregrine on the drive

paydirt (water actually)

MOAL scared up a few, none of which fit in the net


was supposed to haul the rig over Rogers Pass and hook up with friends near Ovando but wires got crossed and that mission was aborted; mebs next week

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It was a lot of fun looking through your pictures and trying to sort out your "shorthand" for where you might be angling. If that big white-capped lake is what I think it is; I recall almost swamping the boat when it went from flat calm to big waves in a matter of minutes. Thanks for sharing.


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Did you camp there at the lake, Scott? I've heard stories of the wind blowing over small trailers there this time of the year.
I did not; trailer was back at the river. Would not be surprised to hear that someone's trailer took a tumble there. Wind was a steady 30 with higher gusts. Not quite Duck Lake bad (where I have seen tipped trailers) but it was a challenge; almost knocked me off one of the cliffs when I was trying to spot cruisers.


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