FS Sage X Rod 697-4 custom built

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For sale is a custom built Sage X rod 697-4, 9'6" 6 weight 4 piece rod. This has high end Alps light LXN stainless PVD titanium chrome and zirconium ring stripper guides, Alps stainless Single foot wire guides with BPD TiCh playing, Super grade Cork, and Forecast Aluminum reelseat with an anodized finish. Rod is brand new, and comes with rod tube. This has the same Sage warranty on the blank as the factory rods. Price $725. I have another blank to build if someone would like to pick thread color. P.S. I have been building rods for friends and customers for almost 20 years. Ryan
20170424_171939.jpg 20170424_224821.jpg 20170424_171057.jpg 20170424_171250.jpg 20170424_171159.jpg 20170424_171127.jpg 20170424_171230.jpg 20170424_171238.jpg 20170424_171216.jpg
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