Interested in a stimy (or terrestrial) swap?


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Anybody interested in doing a stimulator or terrestrial swap?

As far as rules, I am thinking the same as the last fly swap.
11 Players
2 patterns
20 flies ea/pattern

Each person gets 2 flies of 20 patterns, 40 flies in total.

You mail in 40 flies. 20 of one pattern + 20 of a second pattern
You receive 40 flies. 18 different patterns, 2 of each pattern.

Have them to me no layer than June 3rd. I will send a group message with my address (I'm in Issaquah).

Clear as mud?

1. eplanajr
2. SeattleFarq
3. Kfish
4. Bajema
5. the sankers
6. Rusty Stern
7. Philonius
8. jersey
9. P-FITZ98
10. john gates
11. eddiethecomputer


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