Interested in a stimy (or terrestrial) swap?


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Wouldn't it be 9 flies of each of the 2 patterns then since we're not tying for ourselves?


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In all seriousness though, Kfish's last post is right. 10 participants x 2 patterns x 1 of each pattern = 20 flies, but you have to subtract your own set (unless you want to keep two for yourself), so it's really 18 flies.

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So in common core, 2 @ blue (squirrel by 6) = turkey because Johnny has 3 brothers

I got it.

If they don't have to be pretty, I'm in.

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Should be OlympiaFarq now...
Everything looks good to me. A few suggestions, though. Assuming we get 10 players, that means we're tying 36 flies each. I'm fine with it, but some might find that to be a lot. To keep the work load down, I propose we do one "fancy" pattern and one simple pattern. I consider stimmies "fancy" given how complex they are. Simple is a relative term, but I'm thinking basic ants, beetles, houseflies, etc. How about the due date being the first weekend in June? That gives us 5 weeks to get them done and, assuming everyone is done on time, we'll have them back for the first week of the June openers.


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Do you guys use ants up there? Kind of a staple here in the Sierras. If so, I'll dive in.


Should be OlympiaFarq now...
Plenty of ants up here. There's a species along one of my favorite rivers that has a black head and red abdomen. I call them "baboon ants."

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