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Sooooo yesterday I looked in my fly box and there was some weird sh*t going on in there. All of my clousers had been scraped to death by rocks, hooks bent from collisions, and the works. And I make those things bulletproof. The thing is, nothing can protect a fly from an angler who sucks at casting (cough).

Backcasting has been a struggle at some places I've been frequenting, and when the inevitable happens, and the wind takes your backcast all over the place, or you make a mistake or twenty (cough), those all-too-close wood logs, boulders, people, whatever, rip flies to shred. Dumbbell eyes are battered and hooks are broken.

Today I looked in my fly box and there was even more weird sh*t going on. The one zonker I own made love to one of the clousers, and this thing came out.

The top one is freshly tied, the bottom was used and abused today. I never had to switch flies. It also got shown enough love to surprise me.

The picture quality is pretty potato but I think you get the point... to create a clouser-esq fly, without those vulnerable eyes, and thus one of the variables is eliminated preventing you from catching more fish.

Instead, a 1.5 inch piece of .035 lead-free wire is folded twice and laid along the bottom of the hook, creating the hook point to ride upwards and the slight jigging motion of the clouser. Cover that with ice dub, do the standard clouser dressing shindig, and there you go.

I tied these two on a Gamakatsu S11S-4L2H hook. Not technically saltwater proof, but washing them afterwards keeps them plenty fresh.

It's a tad lighter than my clousers which is nice when dealing with the wind.

Don't know what to call it. The Inverter is kinda stuck in my head. Ian's Inverter? I don't know.

Ironically, I actually got a clouser stuck in my head today.
There's a decent singe mark on the left side of my face from the line digging into my cheek. Honestly I don't think that one was my fault.

Tight lines.


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Good looking flies.

Good hooks, non lead eyes, flat diamond braid and copious amounts of Super Glue, SHHAN and UV Cure should all be part of the recipe if you want a indestructible beach clouser.
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