What Rod Are You Working On?


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Thought it would be fun to have a thread in the same vein as the "What's in your vise" thread, but with rods. Post a picture of your current project.


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I'll post a picture once I'm underway, but I just purchased a 4 piece 3/4 weight 7'6 rod and components to build my 7 year old's first fly rod for his 8th birthday, which is in early July. Got a matte black blank with black components and black thread from Hook and Hackle. I'll figure out who his favorite Lego character is and put a sticker under a coat of epoxy. Hopefully be a rod that will last him a lifetime.
I wouldn’t quite call this a build in progress just yet but I think it has risen to my next rod. It’s a Batson RX7 864-4 that I got for low $$ when they came out with the new line up of Revelation and Eternity. I turned a grip for it about a year and a half ago but it has just been sitting since then while I built a couple others. I didn’t need the rod but the blank price was too enticing. So sometime between now and end of summer I have to knock this one out for a fall trip I always take. Snake Brand Universals for guides and the reel seat decision is up in the air. I’m going to build it out and select a reel seat out of my box of parts to try to get one of several reels sitting in the bullpen into action based on weight distribution.
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Just finished a rodgeeks 905 in purple for my wife, great rod. Rec runners, Fuji titanium/SIC stripper. I should take some pics on friday of it.

Building pacbay quickline 905, 907, 908 in the next two weeks. Blanks are hard to beat for $70-80 if you can tolerate the generic black color. Fast, crisp, light, cheap, what else can you want? Those will also get all recs. Have a quickline 909 that I'm going to do a bit different with single foot titanium ceramics from top to bottom.
The RG should just be a SC Legend Ultra blank basically. So it should be a nice fishing blank. Some buddies ordered 7 RG plunking sticks & they were pretty disappointed in the action on them in comparison to what we hoped they'd be. (More like Lamiglas GSB or SI...less like CTS, St Croix, and other broom sticks). Live & learn. Lol Spendy oops though.

I weighed REC Ti singles vs SS and it was a hardly distinguishable difference. That combined with the hassle of wrapping with them = not worth the ROI in my opinion. (Not that you asked)

I'm really impressed with the Quickline 909 I finished recently. Guy's QL 910 should here in a week or so to wrap as well. Hard to beat at any price...let alone at what they cost.


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Yeah, my wife really got excited at the idea of a full purple rod, and other than going to CTS, RG seemed to be my only option. I have an old SC LU and I can see the similarities, I knew going in that the RG C4 and SC LU are pretty much the same thing and I have no reason to doubt that after casting both.

I like the recs, I honestly have had no issues at all wrapping them, or should I say no more of an issue than other wire guides. I have built two rods with them now. I assume you are comparing them to generic pac bay/etc single foots?

I partly like the recs because they won't rust. I have some older rods, that have been rinsed/dried after every outing and properly cared for back when I lived on the ocean, that have rusting occurring. Part of the ROI for me is not stripping a rod I already built 10 years down the road, so paying a maybe $20 extra for guides, and getting some weight savings on top of it, is cool in my book. I know my wife's 905 will never see salt water, but I went with them anyways.

I should weigh the guides though, I know there is data around for both rec sf and pac bay wire sf guide weights, but it would be nice to know first hand. Ounces become pounds, but sometimes an extra pound or two can go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.
I usually use Anglers Workshop single foots or Snake Brand snakes.

The weight diff between Ti strippers vs SS though...is enough to warrant it...if you don't mind the $ diff.
.16 oz sz 16/12 Fuji LNAG/SS SB Snakes
.14 oz sz 16/12 Alps LXN Ti/REC Ti Snakes

The majority of the weight difference is all in the stripper guides though.

.1 oz Fuji LNAG sz 16/12
.07 oz Alps LXN Ti sz 16/12

These are the weights that I took for them...vs what the factories have listed as weights. Both were identical sizes.
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This is the 2nd tip on a 8’6” 4 wt hollow cane rod. The butt and 1st tip are done and this one just got its second (and likely last) coat of varnish. View attachment 140989
Ray, how much do you estimate it will weigh? I still can't believe how light your 7-1/2' rod turned out at only 3.3oz for a bamboo rod. It casts well with a 3 wt line.
Taylor 7-1-2'.jpg
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