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I'll post a picture once I'm underway, but I just purchased a 4 piece 3/4 weight 7'6 rod and components to build my 7 year old's first fly rod for his 8th birthday, which is in early July. Got a matte black blank with black components and black thread from Hook and Hackle. I'll figure out who his favorite Lego character is and put a sticker under a coat of epoxy. Hopefully be a rod that will last him a lifetime.
I've built a couple rods, so cannot consider myself an expert by any means, but when I tried to build an all-black rod, it was very tough for me to do a good job winding. There wasn't enough contrast to confirm that I was not overlapping my thread or leaving gaps. So, my hat is off to you - you must have better eyes!

That rod is just right for an 8-year old, size-wise, although I'd love to cast it too!
You guys making your own blanks? Would love to make a cane rod, almost tempted to buy a chinese blank.
Matt, I don't but I've built three rods now on bamboo blanks made in the PNW. One from Ray, and two from Dennis Stone (Stone Rod Company, OR). I've never tried a Chinese blank so I can't give you any feedback on those. Dennis makes bamboo blanks, rods and repairs vintage bamboo rods as his business and he provides a great value for the price.
Ray, how much do you estimate it will weigh? I still can't believe how light your 7-1/2' rod turned out at only 3.3oz for a bamboo rod. It casts well with a 3 wt line. View attachment 141041
Hi Ron,
Sorry for the late reply, just got back from a couple days visiting with cane rod makers. Uber fun.
There is no estimate about it. The 8'6" 4 wt weighs 3.6 oz. Nickel silver reel seat hardware, stabilized wood reel seat filler , normal nickel silver ferrules, and a carbide stripper. I think I could make this same rod =< 3 oz. with an all cork reel seat and aluminum reel seat hardware.
I have a super light (3oz. or less) 8' 4/5 wt on the bucket list.
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