What Rod Are You Working On?

As an FYI, Tru-Oil is no longer allowed for sale in Canada or in California, since it's classified as a "VOC" (volatile organic compound). It's really good stuff, used primarily for finishing gun stocks and guitars. Many rod makers use it for finishing reel seats, and there are a lot of guys (Steve and I included) who use it for finishing rods.

My friends in Canada said there was no warning. One day they went into the local gun shop and it was off the shelf, then they tried to order from the US and were told they couldn't ship.

I'm not aware of any initiatives in WA to ban it, but you never know.

Great job splitting!

On PMQ's, I think you want the nodes facing each other, just like you have it. Otherwise, the glued up rod might be difficult to straighten.


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Recently saved this one from the scrap bin.
It WAS a 9' 3pc. No line wt or mfr markings, but it felt heavy enough to toss 6/7wt line.
The butt section had exploded, but the upper two thirds were straight, and the ferrules were good.
After a few hours of sanding and tung oil, turned it into a 7' 2+pc (black silk and some unknown stone stripping guide)
Tosses a 4wt line w/ a nice deep bend.
20171020_161808.jpg 20171020_161830.jpg 20171020_161910.jpg
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Got off my ass and wrapped my Troutcreek hollow built this morning and put on Threadmaster this afternoon. Gold wraps that turn transparent, brown Persain banded agate stripper, reddish brown trim wraps. (No tipping) Ray Lee reelseat with blued hardware. I'll post some pictures soon...almost ready to rock!! er, fish I mean.....:)
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