What Rod Are You Working On?

I fished...or should I say cast Ray's hollow built today. Very nice action, new 4wt Sylk line and a minnow pattern. Missed three nice fish so I didn't get to feel the fight on this rod....gotta wait til next time. I want to throw drys and emergers with this rod! Maybe a small indicator and chironomids......


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The queue behind my rod building bench is getting ridiculously long. So, start with the small stuff…

Granger - Phillipson (8'6-) Independent Handle s.jpg

First is an independent handle for Granger and Phillipson 8 ½ foot rods. This makes the mid and tip into a 6’ 10” rod. As the mid male ferrules are the same size on both makers, it’s interchangeable. Woo Hoo!

Horrocks - Ibbotson Princess - 003s.jpg

Horrocks - Ibbotson Princess - 011s.jpg

Next is a re-build of a 1930’s vintage Horrocks – Ibbotson Princess, 7 ½’ feet. This rod was a stripped down dog when I bought it many years ago in a fit of slightly inebriated auction site browsing. I don’t hold too much hope for it as even after much straightening the blank meanders like a politician at a wet tee shirt convention. WTF, I’ll give it a go.

I do have a good mid and tip from a South Bend 9’ rod (probably a 57). Think I’ll make a 6’ shorty out of it.

After that there are four glass blanks I’ve accumulated over the last couple of years and I just became aware of another that is rapidly becoming an itch I’ll just have to scratch.

At least I won’t be bored this winter…..
I wouldn’t quite call this a build in progress just yet but I think it has risen to my next rod. It’s a Batson RX7 864-4 that I got for low $$ when they came out with the new line up of Revelation and Eternity. I turned a grip for it about a year and a half ago but it has just been sitting since then while I built a couple others. I didn’t need the rod but the blank price was too enticing. So sometime between now and end of summer I have to knock this one out for a fall trip I always take. Snake Brand Universals for guides and the reel seat decision is up in the air. I’m going to build it out and select a reel seat out of my box of parts to try to get one of several reels sitting in the bullpen into action based on weight distribution.

I did finish that Rainshadow RX7 864-4 over the summer, fished it once or twice for bluegills and bass to make sure it was ok and then waited until fall to use for it’s intended purpose, dry fly trout fishing. It fishes well, seems better than other RX7s I have. The light Snake Brand Universals may have helped there. Wraps are Gudebrod 396 brown for main wraps, Pac Bay Cinnamon Stay True trim wraps, blank matching green ferrule wraps. Grip is a self turned Fenwick half wells. Reel seat is a multiwood DL that I got from Southwest Customs.

Christmas came early this year!
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This may slow down progress on the pmq though...
You will love the metal planing form. I picked up a used planing form about a year ago from Ron (trout creek) and before that I built my first two bamboo rods on a home made wood planing form. I will post a couple pictures of rods I currently have in work when I get a chance. Just started this hobby about two years ago and got help from some of the guys on this forum.

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Finally finished rehabbing and reworking a pair of older rods / parts that I've had sitting around for a dozen years or so.

HI Princess & South Bend Shorty - 001s.jpg

HI Princess & South Bend Shorty - 003s.jpg

The first is a H.I. Princess 7’ 2/1 from the 30’s. It was a mess when I got it and for a long time I thought it wasn’t worth doing anything with. But… insanity triumphed over reason and since I was going to build a shorty I decided to do both at the same time. I kept the reel seat as it was very functional and had a good bakelite insert, the cork I replaced. I increased the number of guides and changed the spacing.

The end result is a real surprise considering the condition it was in and the kludge that was the original build. It’s a good rod that will cast either a DT5 or a DT6 quite well. It should be fun to fish on smaller rivers and mountain streams and will get some action this summer.

The shorty was built from the tip and mid of what I believe was a South Bend 57. I somehow ended up with 1 butt, 2 mids, and 2 tips. It’s just a shade under 6 feet. The cane was actually quite good, the end result….meh. It casts best with a DT6 and DT7. We'll see.
They turned out sweet! Like those Perfects.... Now you need some decent fish to test out the bend on those rods! Go hit a lake, Lue and I have been pounding several with mixed results, but fun!---Steve
I've been working on a cool project hotrod....6'2" one pc 4wt. Spare Zhus tip and a donor mid section...all I can say for now, have to wait to see how it turns out. Building similar to an Orvis Flea or Midge, very light. Report and pictures to follow.....:cool:
I am currently building two Payne 102 tapered split cane rods for a co-worker and his wife. The butt sections are glued up, sanded, the ferrules are mounted and the grips are on and formed. Time to start on the tips. These will be darkly flamed, two tip rods that are differently appointed. So far, so good. These are rods 14 and 15 for me. The couple plans to retire to the Taos area in a couple of years and they want to be prepared to fish the surrounding trout waters.

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