What Rod Are You Working On?

Rewrapped an old Garcia Conolon to practice working with flex coat, nylon, and metallic thread while I wait on some back ordered parts for the ARE. I’m pretty happy with the attempt. BTW, this rod loves an 8.5 wt ambush.


Reminded me of the "restoration" project I started 25 years ago...This is the first good fly rod I ever owned; dad bought for me at the White Elephant in Spokane in 1986 (guess I do have a connection with Washington fly fishing).

It's a Garcia as well...It's a 6 wt and very smooth, as I recall. Of course, since it was a "Garcia" and not "Orvis," I wasn't happy with it...I had just read Skip Morris' book on rod building and took paint-stripper and a knife to it. Scraped all the rod finish and green paint off it (some is still visible where the reel seat was) and was going to finish it up real quick.

Of course, that was in 1990-something...





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You sure did a number on that rod. I had to use sandpaper to get off whatever finish they used on the wraps. Wet sanded with 1000, and I like the effect.

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I know...Yours is finesse and mine was butchery...Skip's book generated a great deal of enthusiasm.

Sadly, there was no chapter on discretion...


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I don’t know about butchery. I’ll bet that would look pretty cool wrapped up and on the river.

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Any suggestions on repairing/ replacing the cork on a Sage 389 LL.
Seems to be deteriorating pretty fast now.
Not very enjoyable to fish like this.
I'm not a rod builder and not going to start on this one.


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