FS Scientific Angler Mastery bonefish saltwater lines, new

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Richard E

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Three WF8F Mastery bonefish saltwater lines, all new but taken as backups on a trip I took two years ago. These were my backup lines. It doesn't appear that in the foreseeable future I will be needing these, so someone will get a great deal!

  • Two are the horizon (very light grayish) color. SOLD
  • One is orange. (I had a bonefishing guide one time scoff about fish being wary of bright fly lines. He had an interesting point; the fish see all color lines as black lines with the sky as a background, and/or all lines casts a dark shadow, regardless of color. I agree(d) with the premise, and bought this orange line for me to better see in challenging light conditions.)

These were something like $75 retail. $27 each, including shipping to your door in the lower 48.
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