Blinker Fluid and a Bucket of Steam


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Hadn't heard "blinker fluid" in years. Hope that Dad got a good laugh. Those girls will never let him forget it.

Reminds me of when my Uncle sent me for the "board stretcher" when I was 5. That didn't go over well, ending with me having a fit. But he was such a convincing liar I kept looking even though I didn't think it was real.

BTW, the correct technical term for a bucket of steam is "condensate".
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Jim Ficklin

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My older cousin kept me busy in his Dad's garage one afternoon looking for most if not all of the imaginary tools & materials so he & his GF could have some time with me out of their hair.


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Baggers looking for the sack stretcher at the grocery store.

Snipe hunting at night. I think every youth has done this. "Snipe, snipe." SNIPE!!!

But, this post is a good one. I'll need to send my wife for blinker fluid. Getting her into the store will be the joke. Probably do it at Wally World.

Bill Keeler

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As a newbie, the boys sent me out to check the power steering fluid in the locomotive. I got about half way, turned and caught the buggers laughing thru the windows.

Bill Keeler

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