any one ever tied a flashback pheasant tail

I guess it is a nymph pattern that seeems to be getting some success in the yakima and i'm not quite sure what the material used is. i know it's pheasant tail but it's a red almost crimson feather i've never seen anything like it. then again i havn't been doing this very long. if any of you know what it is or where i'd find the material to tie it that would be great.
thx a bunch
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mike doughty

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It's just pheasant tail barbs wrapped over the shank. one side of the tail is a little darker then the other so i could be the lighter side that you are seeing or it could have been a pheasant tail that was dyed.
It's pheasant tail dyed red. The blend of the red dye and the natural color of the feather creates a crimson color just as you described. The flashback is mylar tinsel. It's a great fly.
I always tied em natural brown, not red, but if you just start with a red pheasant tail, you could get the color right. If I wanted a red thorax as well, I would likely use dubbing instead of peacock herl.

Here's how I tie a regular flashback:
a few strands of pheasant tail tied in as a tail, then wrapped as a body. Tie in your mylar for the flash back. Peacock herl for the Thorax. Then tie down the mylar over the top of the thorax to finish the flashback. head, whip finish, and you're golden.

You might also tie it with a bead head. I also usually take a drop of 5 minute Devcon epoxy and put it on the mylar wingcase. It gives it a 3 dimensional look and supposedly helps simulate an airbubble. The extra flash helps as well. A red wire cooper john nymph is also a great pattern over on the Yak. It's tied almost like a pheasant tail but you use red (or any other color) fine wire body with a beadhead and also put epoxy on the wingcase.