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Actually the message behind my post was I’m quitting my job and I’m going into commercial crabbing....
Have floats, will crab.

Better than “Have crabs, will float.”

Although, if you get into commercial crabbing, both might be true.

Hey guys, I’m spending a few days on Stretch Island in Case Inlet. This is the calmest segment of the Sound I think I’ve ever seen. There are quite a few good-sized creeks and rocky beaches around so I was looking forward to some SRC fishing. No such luck! Does or has anyone fished Case Inlet?

On a side note, I picked up some Orvis Hydros Coldwater line and I am loving it! I am definitely a novice, so might be a good line to recommend to any newbies that come asking. It is very forgiving and I’ve been getting some great distance!


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Case inlet offers some excellent searun fishing.
If you aren’t finding fish, keep moving around to different beaches.
A short drive will also put you on either Carr Inlet or Hood Canal.

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