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Hi Nick,
Great pictures. Two points. In the middle picture, those are "lenticular" clouds over Rainier. And that bottom picture is like an amazing water color - great eye.

Cool! I had wondered about those clouds. As always I greatly appreciate the depth of your knowledge!


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So this not uncommon scenario played out yesterday. I had some maritime chores to do so it was close to the evening high tide before I was able to fish. It started ok with a few scrappers here and there when I caught a glimpse of fish dimpling the surface. Could this be a school of rezzies? I strip in and maneuver the skiff into position, guessing on the schools direction. I wait for a sign and sure enough I see a rise within casting distance. The cast was a little short but was inhaled instantly. As I‘m playing the feisty silver I see another one jump. I allow my mind to wander: “man they are thick here! I am going to clean up”

of course I don’t see another
those coho move like the wind

pretty fun though

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