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Cutts were pretty much awol today so we changed gears and went looking for coho. Fish were super spread out, and not showing themselves much, but we found enough to have fun.

And I may have spotted a weird little school of small, darkish fish with weird marks running down their back at one point this afternoon ;)

Damn, and I am just starting my deck rebuild this weekend.

Piss poor timing on my part...


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I made a chum fry pilgrimage down to a new-to-me south Sound beach yesterday and had some pretty wild weather to contend with. The day alternated between calm and bluebird to November windstorm level squalls. While it made for some frustrating casting, it also resulted in some pretty spectacular rainbows. This was the best of them:
The fishing was pretty tough in the morning... basically just one fish rising that we threw just about every chum fry imitation we had at to no avail. I finally managed to trick it with a black Knudsen's spider with a dark duck flank hackle. This one had really pretty pink cheeks that the photo doesn't really do justice to.

Once the inlet started emptying out the fishing really picked up. It took a while but we had an otter and bald eagle to keep us company while we waited and several more rainbows, too. Most of the fish were in the 6-12" range but there were a few big boys thrown in there, too. They all seemed to like my simple little wood duck chum fry imitation

I hadn't caught a fish since early December, so it was a nice day of fishing to break the dry spell.

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