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Right on, what do you guys say we call it at 9? Is everyone cool with getting them to me before the 1st of July? If I get them before then I will send them out earlier.
Cool. One or two flies for each participant? (Tying eight or sixteen? --- plus a couple extra for the swapmeister.....)

June's busy, but I can make July 1 if I get started soon...................


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Hey everyone,

I'm getting very close to finishing my set. Got 9 tied (one extra for swap master) with an asterisk on three of them as I ran out of eyes and need to stop by the fly shop to restock.

Once I get eyes on those last three I'll be ready to send out. I haven't received a pm with the address yet though.

Does anyone have any suggestions on swap containers for larger streamers? I am almost leaning to putting them in one of my cheap plastic fly boxes and mailing. Would like to hear what others are planning on doing.

Btw I tied olive and brown deer head sculpins, and am very happy with how they turned out.

Can't wait to see everyone's flies!


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