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I sent out a message but I got my flies back in the mail today because I had insufficient postage. I mailed those bastards a while ago, I'm not sure what the hell took so long getting them back. I added the necessary $0.22 postage to ship them and I'll get them out tomorrow.

I'm sorry to delay everyone. This is the first time I've ever had an issue like this and I've been in a lot of swaps

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sorry to be the one slowing things down. I ended up going back to the drawing board and just finished tying up a bunch of sculpins that have been lights out for me this year. They'll be in the mail tomorrow. Cheers!
Just talked to RW. He had a death in the family. Says the flies will be sent out this weekend. All the other flies are separated and ready to go. I will get them out as soon as his get here.

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