Trip Report Fishing B.C. lakes without Brian Chan

Great report, great title, thanks for this one!
Thanks LCnSac, again I'm 'sort of' sorry for highjacking your report which was also great. It was my reflex. I'd love to have the opp that you experienced. BC is a legend in BC and beyond. JF while not a guide gave me some opps/perspectives and is a very good guy in my book.

I think we'd agree too that BC offers some crazy good fishing and both our reports reflect that in different ways which I think is really cool.

The area and opps for good fishing are relatively limitless so hot spotting isn't a killer deal. I'll be making an annual pilgrimage to Kamloops/Caribou from now on.

If you can drive, put up with some fairly benign challenges (avoid the Gold Pan in Quesnel ) and drink Canadian beer then you're stoked. Most folks on here can do that.

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John or "LC"
Thanks, Dave, and to the contrary your post was great, certainly not a highjack. You were much "deeper in the woods" than I as I had my wife which I probably wouldn't do for the next trip, now that I have a clue what it's all about.

I didn't realize how big B.C. is. It swallows all of California, and most of Nevada and Arizona. There are more people in California than all of Canada. B.C. has a population just a little more than Oregon, and if you pull out the metro areas, you could probably count the population of some regions of the province on two hands.

I have been in Victoria a million times when living in the San Juans, but never east of Vancouver. I'm beyond intrigued with the place, and think there's a lot more to see and fish there before I start pushing dirt, even beyond Hwy. 24 and especially in the NW quadrant, and I intend to do so. Thanks again for your entertaining travel and fishing post--great work.

The politics were equally fascinating; you definitely know you're in a foreign country, and I didn't sense that so much years ago. B.C. is probably the most liberal of the provinces, yet the statist government seemed to work well there. Even in Vancouver we didn't sense the presence of stress we see here in the states. People overall seemed happier, smiled more. Interesting how demographic variables and underling demeanors and mindsets that are more homogeneous can react differently to various forms of government.
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