Rainier... fishing not the beer


I did a quick search on here about fishing near Rainier, but all I found was a bunch of discussion about beer. Lol. Must be some good beer I'll have to try.

But anyways, last minute decision has us heading towards Rainier for the rest of the weekend. We'll probably stay outside the park mostly because we have a dog, but on the East or South side is there any decent small streams to give the 1 weight a go? It needs to catch it's first Washington fish.

Willing to hike a couple hours, but no all day treks this time as the wife and pup are along.


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Well the creeks and rivers around Rainier aren't open yet so I'd be careful fishing them. Most of the lakes should be open though, and the fish are perking up. I hauled this 16" rainbow out of a snoho county lake a couple weeks ago. I kept it and gave it to one of my friends as a gift. They loved it! Never under estimate lake fish in the spring time, my friend.



Yeah good call, and I planned to check that anyways, but they are closed. I did get some good scouting in for when they open though. I fished a little bit on one of the lakes but was probably a little undergunned for bank fishing with the 1 weight. Ohh well, good information for later. I did find some morels, so it wasn't completely fruitless

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