FS Abel Super 4N and Abel Big Game Pt 5 w/Spare Spool

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I have two Abels for sale. Both are guide finish (matte black).

First is the Abel Super 4N. Great condition with maybe a few handling marks, but no dents, dings, or scratches. Looking for $285 shipped in the CONUS.

Second is an Abel Big Game Pt 5 with a spare spool. Both the reel and spool are the guide finish. There are some light handling marks small scratches in the finish. This one is ported both front and back which was an option. Looking for $320 shipped for the reel and spool in the CONUS. I would also sell just the spool for $100 shipped in the CONUS.

I'm pulling any lines shown, but will leave backing on if shown. Sorry some of the pictures aren't great. If you would like a specific one let me know and I'll try again to get better ones. Thanks!
P1040300.JPG P1040301.JPG P1040302.JPG P1040303.JPG P1040304.JPG P1040305.JPG P1040307.JPG P1040308.JPG P1040309.JPG P1040306.JPG P1040296.JPG P1040297.JPG
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