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Wanting to get a rod holder for my Bucks Bags (SouthFork) they are easy enough to find but my issue is I have a Sage Center Axis Rod Reel combo. For those not familiar the reel is attached to the very end of the rod, therefore no butt to the rod. If I use a normal rod holder it just falls out. Rod and Reel were a tad to spendy to be diving into the water for!!! so has anyone ran into this issue or have any ideas? Thanks :DUNNO
Have you seen the Scotty fly rod holder. I think it would work just fine. I have one and a couple of splca's, but have not tried using the rod holder with them yet. I will see how they fit tonight (if I remember) and post tommorrow.
If you're using the pontoon boat for still-water fishing, then a rod-holder is a good idea - Especially if you take two or more rods on the raft. I have a Scotty and it works really well for still-water fishing.

However, when river fishing, you might consider alternatives other than a rod-holder. Using a rod-holder while floating a river increases the risk of catching your rod on an overhanging branch or impinging rock.

Here's another idea (not my own):

One partner I've fished with straps his rods to his pontoon boat with simple velcro straps. This permits him to easily remove the rod when he beaches the boat to wade/fish a promising pool. Dennis Dickson, a guide on the Stilly, simply straps his rod case to the pontoon-boat. He puts the rod into the case when floating. I've combined both approaches: I strap my rod case(es) to the pontoon-boat using the velcro trick.

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The velcro method is a great addition to an actual holder. I have both on mine and find the velcro one is quick and handy and safer for venturing down the river (rods bounce around too much while in a holder). Velcro with adhesive back is available at JoAnn fabrics.

Careful of the scotty holders, i like them but the adjustment bolt is almost too short and it could fall apart on you while changing the angle. Also, i would recommend getting the bolt on style vs the strap on kind. My buddy's strap on scotty fell off into the river one day as his pontoon's air pressure dropped.
Rod was: Rod Holder for Pontoon Boat

This doesn't address the rod holder issue but it does address diving for the rod.
A buddy and I were fishing a high country lake in SW Montana a few (20+/-)years ago when his Orvis cane rod got out of the canoe (the Lab had nothing to do with it). He loved that rod and could see it lying deep in the gin clear water. He dove and dove for it until it got too dark to see. No luck. Night came/people in town to worry, we went home (damn the luck). Next day I'm closing the store when my buddy shows up, smiling like a politician. He had played hooky from work; gone back to the lake alone; made countless dives. Finally he was able to hold his breath long enough; his luck was good enough; he got the rod back. We though it was great (we didn't know to worry about hypothermia). Great because even though the rod would surely be ruined we could put it on the wall of our favorite watering hole and the story would be retold for years.
To our surprise; the rod was not ruined. It's action may have been a little slower. It may have just been our imagination.
The last time I spoke with him, he is still fishing the resurected rod and we spilled a dram of single malt in the cane rod's honor.
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What an awesome idea. I will have to try that on my boat. It makes sense because then you could remove your rod/case and carry your rod safely if you need to. Thanks for the idea.

Forgot to try monday night, but remembered last night. I tried to fit one of the rods in the holder and it wouldn't fit at all. The opening for the reel is too small.
Yeah I hear ya there!!! Love that rod. I believe it is a SPL. Guess I am gonna have to try some Velcro!! I called Sage and asked them if they had any ideas or if they manufactured a rod holder specifically for that rod, but they didn't. Sure would be nice if there was a rod holder for that.

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Rod was: Rod Holder for Pontoon Boat

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I did almost the same thing but the water was not deep. I just put my pontoon boat into the water and was getting ready to row away. I was sitting awkward in the seat and on my first stroke my brand new 4 wt went into the water in a flash I was out of my seat and into the water. It's a good thing that I had my chest waders on and that they were pulled up but the water was only over my waist.

It's just the thought of losing your rod that you seem to throw caution to the winds. I don't think that if the water was deeper that I would have done what I did. Jim S.

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Before you guys go off buying the scotty rodholder

Do not, I say DO NOT buy the strap around the tube style. It's a waste, and can snag (have done it). If you like the scotty, then just buy the rodholder itself (like you'd mount to a boat) and buy the aluminum rod holder bracket sold by cabela's. It's a clamp style, and will clamp down anywhere on boat you want it. Can put it near your legs on lower bars. In front of you, on side rails, ANYWHERE on boat that has a rail (any diameter to boot). I use them exclusively on my catarafts. Makes it easy to take on and off and maneuver depending on what I'm doing.

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