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o mykiss

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Anyone remember this column from Matt Calkins back in late June?

And I quote:

"The following statement comes with no hedging or built-in excuses.
You won’t see phrases like “assuming x works out” or “given y doesn’t go awry.”
Maybe this is an all-too-early all-in prediction, but based on the past month, it feels right
Ready? The Mariners are going to make the playoffs."

What a dork . . .


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Ran out of pitching. You can't win with just bats.
This is certainly true, but it's just as true that you can't win with only pitching. Given the choices we apparently have (boring, heartbreaking losses in pitchers' duels or exciting, heartbreaking losses in hitting sprees), give me the hitting. It's fun to watch great pitchers go at it now and again, but it sucks watching your team make average pitchers look like Cy Young candidates night in, night out, simply because they can't hit water from a boat.

Seems if they wanna win, they're gonna need pitching AND hitting. It's become clear that we only get one or the other with this team, no matter what they try.
Something like that. But we have a team, a great stadium and they are fun to watch anyway. It would be nice to see them make the playoffs, but my life doesn't revolve around sports. Sports is just a distraction.


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Just think, if a few more things had gone the Mariners way, it could have been them getting shellacked in Yankee Stadium last night.

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