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The Mariners may be mediocre at best but they are capable of playing some good ball. Last night's win over the AL leading Astros was one of the most entertaining games I have seen in some time. Good pitching, some outstanding defense and good offense coming from both teams.


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that was one of those great games you only see a handful of all summer. good stuff !

not exactly hundreds of millions.. $135-$150 million-a guess...and the other teams have $100 million+ too, so it is a wash

quick look up

Mariners $150 million

2 teams over $200 million/ 7 teams under $100 million
I really want to enjoy watching or listening to a ball game. I loved playing and watching as a kid. I struggle to stay interested for 9 innings though, and find myself drifting off to other interests, baubles or bed. Some games have enough action, and or storied players that I can stay.
One thing I cringe at every time I hear it is the post (or pre) game interview, when the player says "We just need to get down to basics and enjoy playing the game". Really? Seriously? You're making Xmillion a year and that's your motivation? Bullf'nshit! You better be working your ass off every GD day. That's my best rant.


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I have absolutely no problem with athletes of any sport making as much money as they can. They are entertainers and as such should get what ever the market will pay. Groups like The Rolling Stones charge up to 6 million or more for a single performance. In my opinion they are over paid so I don't go to concerts. If you think athletes make to much don't go to or watch the games.
Loy, it might be hard to stay motivated when you absolutely positively have enough money to last you the rest of your life while still in your twenties or thirties. Many of the stars in all sports virtually tanked after receiving huge contracts. The most recent example in the past week was Pablo Sandaval of the Red Sox. He was a star in SF then got a 95 million dollar gig in Boston and never produced. Just released by the Sox he leaves being owed $49 mil and with any kind of financial acumen at all should never have to worry about money again.

Of course athletes have been know to be rilly RILLY stupid with their earnings but most of us could survive very nicely with a such a huge nest egg. Not all guys are as dialed in as Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers or Kevin Durant of the Warriors. Both were offered more but took less for the good of the team and both teams are doing exceedingly well. Given the choice of making $100 million with a perennial winner or $150 mil with a perennial loser like the Mariners I'm sure I would take the lesser amount with the better team. Getting beat over half the time is not something I would like to live with.

In the WTF category, what's with this? The Yankees which have lost something like 21 of their last 30 games are on TV again tonight for the 5th time in 4 days appearing twice in a doubleheader this past weekend. On the other hand, the Dodgers have won something like 27 of their last 31 games and are steamrolling the National League but haven't been seen in these parts for over a week. Every year it is the same old bullshit-Yankees and Red Sox being on TV several times a week while our west coast teams are seldom seen. We can blame those pricks at ESPN for much of this but the MLB channel is little better. ESPN is slowly dying but it's demise can't be soon enough. They have vastly overpaid for their sports contracts and as a result are having to make a lot of cuts. One of the first cuts they made was going to less experienced announcers and hiring broken down jocks instead. One of the easiest ways they could trim cost is just having one or two announcers instead of three. The three person teams often decay into a gigglefest or jabberfest that has little to do with the game. Having listened to baseball's great announcers since 1946 this current crop of motor mouthed statistic reciters are an embarrassment to the game. I'll stop now as the Yankees and Twins are just coming on. I want to see the Twins but I have to take a dose of Yankees to do it.:rolleyes::mad::(

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