Pattern Butcher Underwings

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an effective way to match tippet and breast feathers for Butcher underwings. What an odd coupling of feathers. (Kelson) Even the stems are different diameters. Im stumped here! :confused: Ive attached a "butcher" I tied awhile back with short crest, but the underwing is Tippet only.


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Well, I think it was Francis' Butcher only called for Tippet.

But anyway, I think you just have to "crimp" the GP feathers the way you want them at the ty- in point.I often use a small jewelers hammer to get the tie-in point the way I want them.Not quite sure on the problem you are having.
Hi Davy:
thanks for the Francis reference. I just have a hell of a time "matching" for looks and size and stabilitythe tieing in of the varied stems. As the stems dont behave the same. IE: tippet and breast feather. Plus they vary widely in contour and shape. Who came up with this combo? He aught to be Mooned!


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Personally I Like the look of just the tippet.

Perhaps Ronn Lucas will weigh in on this-- he is trully a master (kissing up ) and may have some "real" help.

You tie a gorgeous fly I might add.


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