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I wondered if the jamboree folks had much luck, it was cloudy and rained in Ephrata Saturday morning but cleared up later in the day. I thought about running up there but decided 35 or so folks fishing was too many for me. Waited until this morning instead.

Swimmy style bent rod with a nice Glacial Lake Missoula flood event erratic


The lake is down in elevation maybe two feet, adds new "flats" for wading and this mirror carp followed a slow twitched olive jig. Very decent carp for this lake, the eight weight was needed.


Mirror carp heading for open water. The island in the upper part of the photograph is usually submerged.


Found this one nudging rocks aside next to the old highway.............


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I wish I could find some rocky flats like that over on this side of the lake. They're all mud, or more likely clay, that suck your shoes off when you try to wade.
But then again you have that wonderful river where the carp sometimes come to you! But I hear you, I really do love this particular "beach". I did try wading a portion of the lake up your way; about 50 feet from where I started I got stuck (in the mud).


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