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I'm guessing Julian Eddleman's amazing catch during the Pats comeback last year was nothing but skill by an amazing player eh?


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I think it's insane for most people. But this guy was serious and it's what he does and what he's basing his life on so I've got nothing but Kuddos for this guy. Failure would certainly have meant death. He did his homework!


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me catching yertle the turtle was pretty athletic!!!!

Well, yeah, but we've all learned to expect big things from you Billy.

'Having done a good bit of climbing in the past, I can "almost" appreciate Mr. Honnold's achievement. The reality of what he did is just off the charts; 5.13a moves on rock are harder than I can even imagine. Covering 3000' of very technical climbing in under 4 hours; many people would be happy enough to be able to hike that fast. I do worry for him.


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Is it really more impressive than the first ascension?

This was the first ascent...first free solo ascent.

And while I have total respect for the original pioneers in the valley, this is on a whole 'nother level.

'Having done a good bit of climbing in the past, I can "almost" appreciate Mr. Honnold's achievement. The reality of what he did is just off the charts; 5.13a moves on rock are harder than I can even imagine.

I have to assume most in this thread have no idea how hard it is to climb 5.13. I climbed for years and I can't even comprehend. There are very few climbers in this world that are at that level. Then doing it w/o a rope with intense exposure really is really hard to wrap my head around.

I read that two of the crux pitches are 5.13 slabs 600 feet off the deck. No holds, just smearing your feet. I've done a lot of lead climbing and by far the most terrified I've ever been was on two run-out slabs in Joshua Tree....they were only 5.8.

I can't even imagine the focus and skill this takes. My hands are getting sweaty just thinking about it.


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People in general dont comprehend the task of free soloing. Asking fly fishermen to understand an athletic move of any kind is a tough route to take.
Recalling a previous thread about a 3 wt rod and fatigue......i can see why some on here are clueless to his achievements.

Come on, nobody has complained about 3 weight fatigue on this board...really?? If you are under 55 and can't cast at least a 6 or 7 weight the bulk of the day without significant fatigue you should probably hit the gym....

I would agree with your statement in general though. I was very athletic growing up and still stay active (less than I would like due to work these days). However, outside of a few forays on a indoor climbing wall I have never climbed. Even with no climbing experience it is not hard to understand that the physical feat itself is amazing. Add in the lack of ropes and it really is astonishing. For the average human, the stress level itself would exhaust them.

In the end, this feat would be amazing if he climbed a ladder that high with no ropes. Which by the way, I am confident 98% of the people on this board would not attempt....

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Well that may be the greatest sporting achievement of all time, but the greatest Aussie Sporting upset of all time was this. Bradbury wins in the most Aussie way possible, because everyone else Coug'd it...


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If you ever get a chance to see the complete gear Mallory and Irvine took to Mt Everest in 1924 and either made the summit and died on the way down, or made it to just under 800 feet shy of the summit-where the last high point was confirmed, you will be amazed !
Tough guys. 2 months trek just to get to a staging basecamp.
f50b94b81af01760e94b6067fdccf1a0.jpg george-mallory-artifacts.jpg 51065386.jpg 51065394.jpg
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