Best 3 weight rod?


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I'm looking to replace my 7'6"reddington 3 weight and speyco trout reel that was stolen.

I want this rod for smaller creeks and streams. Eventually I'm hoping to move to Missoula and Rock Creek or Lolo Creek are the main areas I'm looking.

I have a Scott G2 5 weight for my dry fly rig and I'm also looking to replace my sage one 6 weight that also was stolen.

I'm having a hard time deciding between bamboo, glass, or graphite.

I'm a sucker for aestetics.

I really loved the reddington CT. I'd be ok with another one, but I'd like something different.

I've read a lot about the Sage LL and there's one for sale.

I have an offer for a nice Scott a4.

I'm leaning towards a click and paw reel like a Hardy featherweight or an Abel.

What's your dream 3 weight setup?

Olive bugger

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BEST is such a relative term. What is BEST for one, may be misery for another.
That said, my rig is a 7' 9"/ 2 wt. Sage LL reeled with a Hardy Flyweight.
Great little rig for me. For some, the Hardy Featherweight might a BETTER choice.
It would hold more line. I recently up lined from 2 weight line to a Airflo Elite in 3 wt.
Both lines work well with the rig.


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I fished the cabela's rod all day yesterday. Had a blast with it. It's a little 6 foot glass CGR. While it was fun to fish with, I didn't hear any angels singing when I opened up its case.

Tim Lockhart

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I agree with Chris. LLB Pocket Water for you...rod, c&p reel, carbon case, SA line/backing/leader loaded, 2 singing angels...all for 3 hondo. I have the 7'3" 3wt.

Careful with the Hardy, you'll shoot your eye out.


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Like Chris Johnson notes, it's probably kind of silly to spend lots of money on a 3wt setup. Having said that, I am absolutely silly over my Orvis Superfine Glass 7'6" 3wt & CFO11. It's perfect for me. Here's a photo from when it was brandy new last year. It's got maybe a little more mojo on it now.



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Not sure why light line rods aren't considered worthy of investing in?

Olive bugger has it straight.. Depends wholly on what primary goals and expectations are, type / size of water and fish your going to be targeting. Cost? Let your wallet be your conscience.. The amount you'll use this rod could be strong influence. I tend to fish light lines quite a bit early and late in the season, the amount of hours easily justifies (can justify most anything though)

Have 4 upper end 3wts on hand after just letting another (5'th) go to a friend not long ago. Fished last eve with G Loomis GLX Classic 9' rod ..only 2.3 ounce! Coupled with older Loop (Danielsson) Nymph Wide reel it is quite Ferrari like. Plenty of power to stretch a cast, length easily mends where needed. Thinking hard of biting the bullet and purchase one of SA's new MPX Ampere lines. On good sized water this rod is a very capable pleasant stick to air line with.

Smaller water's like you mention 7'6 - 8' will shine and is really the ball park length of light line rods (my opinion) I like Classic graphite, my first 3 was an early Scott G 803-3 which is a winner. Prefer a medium fuller flex progressive action, load nicely without issue.

The 'right' glass rod would be great! Almost had it once (Seele Zeitlos 7'6") still watching. Have been avoiding Cane for heath sake, suffer from strong addictive tendencies.

Kyle Smith

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Try cheap glass rod and see if you like it. I like a quicker rod for creeks, but you might like a slow rod.

There might still be a Sage Circa 379 out there around $450.


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8ft or shorter 3wt is glass territory. Great rods out there for any budget. Since you liked your CT so much I would say either one of the Orvis superfine glasses or Chris Barclay's 7'2" 3wt. Other options for "faster" glass include rods from Steffen Bros, Epic, and Echo.

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