Best 3 weight rod?

Steve Slater

Active Member
Just picked up a Winston Biix 386-4.

Now I need to find a nice reel to match this beauty. Leaning towards the Hardy featherweight. I'd love to find a Abel trout Creek de Young but can't find one.

What's the best line for this rod? I have a rio gold intouch 4wf line here.
Nice rod. I wouldn't recommend overlining with a 4 wt line, though. Winstons tend closer to the actual line weight, and don't usually do well with a heavier line. But many of the BIIx rods will do fine, and feel a bit faster, with one line weight lower. I don't have that rod, but I do have the BIIx 480-4 and have been fishing it with an Orvis Hydros double taper 4 wt. It's a nice setup with a Lamson LP 1.5 light reel. If it's going to be used on creeks for shorter casts, I like the feel of the DT line.

David Loy

Senior Moment
Can't imagine any graphite better than a good glass 3wt on small waters. But, enjoy. If it gets you into that micro environment, it's good.

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