Fish aren't the only thing the radical right threatens


Soap Lake Posse
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What is alt-right? Could it be someone/anyone who disagrees with you? What about alt-left? Yeah, I know...shoot and kill anyone who disagrees. Nice.
alt right is that nut job in Portland who stabbed those guys for defending a couple young Muslim girls. did your selective memory forget about him?

let's be real. nut jobs on both sides right now.
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The alt-right folks have a far-right ideology and reject mainstream conservatism. Quite often they are White Nationalists who spew racism. Although the Orange One denies the second sentence he and his staff ran on the premises of the first sentence.


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Nazi Germany and Japan were real enemies (actual people that could kill and be killed), so they are poor comparisons to radical Islam, IMO.

I doubt anyone here would be upset to see the end of terrorism. I doubt further that a tactic for waging war is an enemy that can be defeated. Tactics aren't people, or even nations, so how can we ever be certain they've been eliminated?

This was why I was so disappointed at the decision to dub the 9/11 retaliatory actions as a "War on Terror." You can't beat an enemy that you can't see or touch. I'm sure the defense contracting industry had no objections to declaring an unwinnable, ever-ongoing war....


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Maybe this will help explain my point of view on living and governance; in Nature, it is survival of the fittest. Nature does not care if you are there or not. Take care of yourself, solve problems, make choices, and be diligent enough to survive.

Are you saying with this that we should rule human societies in a way that only the fittest should survive, like in Nature? I don't quite get your point, sorry.
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Rob Allen

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I think the main problem is that since WW2 the American people haven't gone to war. Our armed forces have but our country has not.
Not talking about supporting the troops or not i am talking about being engaged with the war effort. It's not like you could go to boing and start riveting together a b 29 or grow a garden to feed your neighbors due to food shortages.

It's all handled by private contractors and built by machines in low quantities.

If the American people were engaged in the war on terror there'd be a lot more jihadists ready to give it up.

Furthermore our treatment of the conquered nations of WW2 firmly made them our allies.

If we are going to be a power of influence in the world we have to a strong morally lead country. I don't mean moral leaders though it world require that too. I mean we need to be a nation lead by sound moral ideology and that starts with eacj of us as individuals.
Without that moral leadership we will just become another brutalizing country who needs to be stopped.


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If the American people were engaged in the war on terror there'd be a lot more jihadists ready to give it up.

Care to describe what this would look like and how it would work Rob? I'm not seeing what that engagement looks like and the connection to jihadists being ready to give it up.
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I respect your opinion Alex and certainly thank you for your service. I agree with a lot of your points. That being said I can't get behind this 110 billion in arms (total potentially) to the Saudis as it seems when ever we arm these people it comes back to bite us in the ass. what are your thoughts?
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