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Saturday I am going to pick up my new pontoon boat. I am going to get all the accessories I need while the getting is good. I plan on getting a 2 way heavy duty pump, 2 rod holders, quality PFD vest, 1" cam straps to tie the boat to the pickup, anchor and line, repair kit and a seat beverage holder.(for the coffee and diet coke) :thumb:
Am I forgetting anything that I need? It has to be boat related no new fly rods, sorry! :)
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Make sure you have a good repair kit on hand. Some don't come with them. My tube is faded, so have to find the name of the stuff, but there is a bonding agent that can be used while wet that will seal up any holes. You can even patch under water if you had to. LOL.

I believe in the KISS system with pontoons. Especially small ones. Don't go too overboard. What type of rod holders were you looking at? You only need one, and I highly suggest NO verticle racks on a river boat. There are always slots with overhanging trees. That's where you hear those unfriendly "snaps". LOL.

I would also suggest getting at least one spare oarlock and one spare oar. Just strap the oar to the frame, and if you have "multiple position oartowers" put the spare oarlock in upside down and pinned in the extra holes.

I wouldn't worry about beverage holders and the likes. You can put them on, but I found I mostly used them when I was off on the side on a break. If I did have anything out, it was my hydration bladder on my back.
agree you're not likely to use the second rod holder. if they come as an accessory those things that hold the oars so they are parallel with the tubes instead of have the handles angle up are handy. i like my swivel seat. i also use those colorful velcro strips made for bundling computer power cords and such. they come in so many colors you can match your pontoon and you can strap on extra rods and stuff easily. i also have little bags within my bigger side gear bags. easier to find things and less chance of something going overboard. how about an electric motor and battery?
I keep a few of the velcro straps and a couple of bungie cords in my pontoon. They come in handy for a variety of tasks. I also store some gloves, beenie hat, etc. in big zip lock bags. Put a little air in them and they float if they go overboard. They are a lot cheaper than dry bags, but I usually don't run rivers much, so they don't have to be very rugged.


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Hi, Jesse... What about some kind of wheel assembly so that you can wheel your pontoon boat into places like Lenice? I bought one from http://www.launchinggear.com/Launching Gear.htm that works great, although it is pricey. Some people have built their own from bicycle wheels.

Another accessory to think about is a box of some sort to carry extra gear. I bought a cheap Rubbermaid box that I bolt to the cargo deck that seems to work out fairly well.

I actually try to carry as little as possible on my boat. I use Force Fins to move around, and leave the oars at home. I fish mostly stillwater, so perhaps oars would be more usefull on flowing water. Jerry D. is up on river rafting, so he'd be the one to ask about that. I use a dry bag or Action Packer on the back of my boat to carry what I need, and I modified my stripping apron to fit closer over my lap, and built a verlcro rod holder onto it. I don't use an anchor, but rather the fins in the water to keep myself where I want to be. I'd say that a good foot pump is essential. I started off with one of those two-way hand pumps, and they were frustrating for me. The foot pump is far less tiring for me. Everything else got in my way, and was a hassle.

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Great suggestions everyone some I never thought of, especially having a drift boat be an accessory. :rofl: Kevin I will buy extra long bungees and I can tie you on one of the pontoons!
Dry bags will definately go on my list. Soft cooler storage bag maybe? The reason I was going to get two rod holders is when fishing some of the rivers and lakes it would be nice to have the rods up and out of the way when beaching/loading/unloading the boat I know several guys who have broken rods because they were sticking out too far front or back when laying down.
Do you think that a foot pump is better than the hand double action pump?
My wife (the finance chairman) is out of town for the weekend so I got a chance to buy everything thing I need now. My motto is "It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission". :D
She is supportive of my hobby so she left the checkbook with me. Her motto is: "Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you can get rid of him for a whole weekend". :rofl: :rofl:
Thanks all for the suggestions,
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Actually, I'd get two pumps. Get a fast inflation electric. They are WONDERFUL!!!! Then, top off with a footpump. You can use the two way hand pump, but I just always liked the Bravo footpumps. But they do have a mountable hand pump. Expensive, but awesome for quick fills on the river.

Onto drybags. They are nice. But if you can get a cooler to mount on the boat, use that. Make sure you go around the edging of the cooler and put a rubber "trim" piece. They mount with a two way tape. What this does is creates a seal on the cooler. Even the best coolers will leak water into them. With this, the moment you close the cooler and clip it shut, it seals it water tight. Drybags are ok to have, but problem is the prep to seal properly. When we used them, they were for items we weren't using alot. Plus, the more you use them, the more they'll leak. I'm talking constent use though. We used to toss away our bags every year or so because they'd eventually start to wear from rolling up all the time. If you do decide to get any whitewater type accessories, I'd suggest looking at NRS or Cascade. Where most of the companies buy their components anyways (even the whitewater shops in the local area). I've been buying from both since I was in high school. Plus, are great people to work with. They'll both send out free catalogs to boot. Can even get yourself a mount so you can put an umbrella on your boat in case you want shade. :rofl:
As far as coolers go, I bought a medium size plastic cooler that fits nicely on the cargo platform on my PAC 800. I drilled holes in the molded handles and ran two bungee cords under the platform and poke the hooks on the end of the bungees into the holes I drilled. This holds the cooler very well and is a quick on and off. With time and experience you will learn this cooler is capable of carrying more than beer. Hope this helps, Jim. :beer1:
great umbrella idea. a nice wind proof golf, er fishin umbrella would sure be nice on those hot days. maybe use it as a bit of a sail too. if you don't want wind resistance i bet some shade cloth from lowes or hd could be used somehow.