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It's certainly not taking the path I imagined it would. For example, the new member who posted a desire to contribute with conservation projects in King County - there's value in having that forum be the go to source for supporting organizations and actually doing good work.


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It is interesting to go back to the beginning of the forum and look at the first threads then take a look at what it evolved into.


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What? You thought conservation isn't politically controversial? Come on.
I know conservation is political but the forum is no longer a conservation forum. It is almost completely political with most threads having little to do with conservation or in some cases racist or religious in topic. I am just as guilty as the others posting there but if I could ignore the entire forum I would and do to some extent.
To be fair, there is a good deal of information to be gleaned between the outright misinformation and potshots (guilty). You might have to read through a bunch of links to get there, but I find the conservation forum incredibly informative.


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No, not that I'm aware of.
Another forum I am part of made their Political subforum password protected with a very simple password. This had the effect of removing the forum when you'd scan the "new posts" option on Tapatalk. If it helps the forum is Teton Gravity Research.


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I just wish that forum would get used more for encouraging action on specific issues (writing congress about pebble mine, public access, etc) than acrid debate on broader issues.
You mean, like going to rescue a tree that's burning when it sits in the middle of a raging forest fire?

The stakes in conservation issues have grown well beyond a single subject. The basic laws, regulations, and budget support for everything related to environment is being attacked. Pebble mine is a drop of water in Lake Erie.

I post informative articles in Conservation. It should never be necessary. Which pisses me royally.

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