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with my number 1 and 2 old standby spots toast for at least a few years due to winter kill and water issues I needed to head to some new water..

this spot looked good. in fact you couldn't create a better spot for a big bass then under this tree. I attacked it from every angle. important lesson for new bass fisherman. fish structure from different angles. Screenshot_20170617-214419.png it didnt matter this time though. nada. :D

The morning wasn't lost though I had two good blowups and a 4 pounder come off at the net on this pond.

The next spot was almost a 2 mile hike in. Screenshot_20170617-214450.png A good size rattler gave me a good scare off the trail. It was beautiful and loud thankfully!

Onto the fish! Screenshot_20170617-214512.png Screenshot_20170617-214503.png getting bigger: Screenshot_20170617-214515.png the fish of the day took my old standby black popper with yellow bucktail: Screenshot_20170617-214525.png time to hike out! Screenshot_20170617-214532.png I've never seen so many mosquitoes. thank God I had a light weight hoodie in my tube. I had over 20 mosquitoes on each shoulder and across upper back. I would have been eaten alive on hike out without the long sleeve! it was the worst swarm I've ever experienced. unreal really.

no 8 pound largemouth which is my goal but this pond might have them at least... Screenshot_20170617-214540.png take care


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You show a great picture of a mariposa lily and then scare the snot out of me with the rattle snake! Great report! (I know that tree).


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Great report Billy,
What size of tippit are you using?
I went over there last week to fish a pay to play lake near Vantage and I'm super stoked on those surface takes.

Olive bugger

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Great pictures and report, Billy. BUT, what is the blue stuff at the top of the first picture?
I recognized the water, but can't figure the top of the picture with the white and blue stuff.
Trying to work out the largemouth situation in a local lake over here. It has some about the same size in it.


Soap Lake Posse
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You show a great picture of a mariposa lily and then scare the snot out of me with the rattle snake! Great report! (I know that tree).
I don't think you know where that tree is. u may email me your guess:)

you can sorta see the snake on the left in shade. when it first rattled I jumped it was so loud but it was still 10 feet away:D Screenshot_20170618-082731.png


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@ b_illymac...

I like big bass and I can not lie
You other brothers can't deny
That when a bass swims in with an itty, bitty waist
And a round thing in your face

You get sprung, wanna pull up tough
'Cuz you notice that fish was stuffed
Deep in the weeds she's hiding
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring

Oh baby, I wanna get with ya and take your picture


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