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More Russian goodness. Pretty basic construction with the exception of the hackle head/legs, which makes for a neat effect. Colors here based on what was in reach on my desk; change as you see fit.

hook – Dai Riki 135 #12
thread - MFC 8/0 light brown
hot spot - dubbing hot orange/pink
abdomen - deer hair
shellback - 2mm foam brown
legs/head - hackle ginger (oversize by 1)

mash barb, start thread at 3/4 mark; wrap to bend

dub thread/dub hot spot

taper foam strip (gap width); brush shank with Super Glue and tie in

create dubbing loop; give it a dose of wax

clean, trim tips from a clump of deer hair; insert in clip, transfer to loop, release from clip, spin

stroke hair back, wrap body to 3/4 mark, tie off/trim

trim underside, laying blade on eye as a guide

trim top; shape body

pull foam over body; tie off/trim

tie in hackle

wrap hackle; tie off/trim

wrap thread thru hackle back to front of the body; stroke hackle fibers back

tie down hackle, creating head/legs

whip finish, SHHAN, stroke hackle fibers to the side/top



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Just a little note on this fly. I modified it to use at Jurassic Lake in Argentina. I used a size 6 Daiichi scud hook (1120) and a white congo hair post. The fish loved it and I caught quite a few with the largest maybe 10-12#. If I lost sight of the fly in the waves, I just stripped it slowly and they hammered it. I will have more and in different colors when I go again. The fish also kept coming up and eating my hot pink indicator. I will tie some in hot pink for next time. This will also be a great fly for late June and July in some of the Bristol Bay Rivers. Thanks Scott P! I'll post some photos soon when I get time.