Takhlakh Lake


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Anyone know anything about this lake? I'm going to be there for a couple of days at the end of the month. Is it fishable or is there water nearby that is? What patterns or location? Any help would be appreciated. :COOK
Fished it many times, and it can be very frustrating. during the day I suggest you fish using wooly bugger down deep. In the evening, the top of the lake becomes alive with fish rising. It took my son and myself a while to figure it out. Try a size 18-20 emerger near the shorline and then watch out, they will start hitting it with a vengence. By the way this is one of the prettiest lakes in Washington, with a full view of Mt. Adams in the background.

There are other lakes up there to fish, but haven't been to productive on flies. Although I haven't tried them in the evening. There are a lot of bait and spinner fisherman up on these lakes, and they do reasonably well. Buy the way all of these lakes are very cold and very clear.

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