First post. Good Carp fishing with Buzzy


Gene - the second fish pulled a lot harder than the smallmouth.... a lot harder, not broken rod harder, but, you know, harder.

Seems quite by accident that I've discovered indicator fishing for smallmouth bass can be effective. The last four trips to the lake, I've started out with a hot spot jig under an indicator and have fooled bass on three of the four trips. With all the Glacial Lake Missoula erratic rocks for cover, it seems like I have more confidence to let the jig sink and not worry so much about fouling and breaking off on granite. Plus side, trout take the jig and so do carp - suspended and drifting or stripping the bobber in.
I'll give the indicator bit a try for the smallmouth at the reservoir I fish. Just kidding about the carp... yup... they fight like a demon!


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Well-done, Pat! Starting tomorrow or thereabouts, it looks like we have a week or two of ~100 & 100+ temps on the way. That will pretty much be the end of Carp & Bass where I've been fishing - the weeds will go nuts, not to mention soaring water temps. I can't even tie flies for a few days, since I erred grievously and incurred a case of index "Parrot Finger," lol. And to think I'm the cause of my Darling Daughter's fondness for large birds . . . I don't know if this is an incident of "no good deed goes unpunished," or "the chickens have come home to roost" . . .
You sorta lost me with the whole parrot finger thing..... but obtuse I can be.

Blowing pretty hard out this morning so even if I had time today to chase carp, probably would be fighting whitecaps and that is mostly an exercise in futility trying to sight cast to fish that I think often look for deeper water when the waves are crashing...

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A term used when bitten by a pet bird?
You sorta lost me with the whole parrot finger thing..... but obtuse I can be.
We have a winner! I've handled & been around that bird for a dozen years. Guess she was pissed about her owner going away for a few days. The bird is going to a new home next week - not because she bit me (Sugar has always been very docile) but because Katie will be a new Mom come December. Occasional loud parrot screeches & a sleeping infant aren't a good combination (in addition to the risk of injury when my future Grandson starts toddling around.). We found a good home for her last week.

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