For you float tubers!

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
That was impressive although I'd be reluctant to fish in tropical/semi-tropical jungle waters out of a float tube & especially without waders or anywhere without a casting apron and PFD in-use. The guy has some kind of balance to be able to stand on a Super Fat Cat.

Adam Saarinen

Active Member
Yeh! Probably not the best roll model! He seems to be the float tube tuff guy & is living the dream! Float tube buddy found it & showed me couple of years ago, i thought WTF! Showed the Missus while excited & she said "So, guy in a tube like you have & a fish jumping out of the water, big deal!" She just dosen't get it!:)

Olive bugger

Active Member
Makes one wonder who is the catcher and who is the catchee.

I agree with Jim, I would not want to be in a float tube in those waters, without waders, and even then, not quite certain about that.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
no thanks! I've spent way too much time in swamps to have any fondness for snakes, saltwater crocs, leeches, sticky mud, dysentery, foot rot, and a host of other plagues!

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