WFF Mark your calender. 2017 PHWFF 2 Fly Event

Jerry Daschofsky

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I've had a few messages on this, so thought I'd post this up.

We are holding the 2 Fly event this year at the Ellensburg KOA on September 8, 9, and 10. The actual event is Saturday September 9th. You can roll in September 8th and stay until Sunday the 10th.

Of course we need people with boats who can fish a person in front AND back in a typical fly fishing set up. We are running 24 boats I do believe. We will need in camp/on the river volunteers, but again rowers with boats are needed the most.

If you want info on the 2 Fly, the rules, and your duty as a rower/judge (the rower IS the judge) you can go to this link.

You do not pick your team nor do you bring a volunteer. This is given to each PHWFF program. We just need you and your boat.

You can post interest on volunteering here. BUT I need a "Yes" not a maybe. So ask questions if you're interested, just don't commit unless you are serious about it. We've had a lot of people flake last minute over the years. Nothing worse than scrambling for a boat at zero hour.

All food and lodging are paid by us. I make sure the volunteers are well fed! We have a tent city. But you can pay for your own RV site or hotel room.

If you're in with a boat for sure, chime in please!

Thanks and look forward to another 2 Fly!

BTW, we won't need to do a fundraiser for food. :)


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Would I have to be there for all 3 days? I could only be there for Saturday. I have a boat and I am wanting to participate!
Hi Jerry,

I had to wait and make sure I could get the proper clearance from my domestic supervisor. I'm in with my boat or anything else you need.

I didn't see a link for donations. Is that set up anywhere?

Semper Fi,


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