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Hit the beach at 4:30 this morning.
I was joined by board member DimeBrite shortly after.
Not much current, bait or birds but good conditions with a light northerly breeze and a solid marine layer.
We saw several larger fish swirl and a few baitfish being chased.
Near the botttom of the tide Tim hooked up on a spunky 18-19" hatchery blackmouth that put a good bend in his 6 wt.
The tide petered out about 8:30 and we called it a day.

I fished a new to me SA Sonar Titan Int/3/5. This line replaced the Sonar Titan Intermediate that just wouldn't sink.
Overall I liked the line and it was easy to cast.
I had a few tangles due to it being pretty thin, but nothing terrible. It defiantly achieved a greater depth then a intermediate on the retrieve.
I think this will be a good line to have in my arsenal for beaches with deep drop-offs or to get deeper in heavy current.
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A brief, but fun start to the salmon season. The morning clouds and outgoing tide produced good beach fishing conditions. Unfortunately, baitfish were sparse near shore with a few being chased from below. My SA Sonar Sink 30 Clear line was stretched by a salmon only once.
The strike surprised me and I was rusty playing my first salmon of the summer season.
IMG_1869-1.jpg A quick photo while kept in the water, and quickly released unharmed. Hoping to see a bigger one starting July 16th. Good fishing with you Brian.


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Just recently spooled up the titan hover/2/4 and also had some tangle and handling issues but most of that was operational error and the line casts a mile.... very useful as stated for beaches with drop offs.... using a weighted clouser and giving it a 10 second count it was well down within the strike zone.... the textured lines have a bit of a learning curve for me but when loaded properly they do seem to cast longer and help in windy conditions.... ST


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Thanks folks! Was just thinking I want to change up my intermediate spool and this arrived just in time. I appreciate the report. Nice fish too ;)


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Couldn't sleep so I got up and fished from 4:30 till 6:30 this morning.
A couple of shakers but that was it.
Beautiful sunrise which made the water and clouds turn pink and nobody else around.

Fished a Barrio SLXi Type III intermediate 7 wt today.
I bought these out of the U.K. based on a recommendation from board member Randall Clark.
I have this line in both 6 & 7 wt. I fished the 6 wt a few weeks ago and it felt a bit light. I liked casting the 7 wt better on my 697 XP.
The line is a opaque light brown. For having a mono core it rarely tangles, which is nice.

For around $36.00 shipped from the U.K. it sure beats dropping $80-$90 on lines that fail after a short period of time.

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