Trip Report Alberta Week Fishing Streams!

101_0008.JPG This is the world-class cutthroat stream in B.C. that many of you have fished and touted. Unfortunately, when we visit Alberta this particular stream is too high and too colored up.

101_0009.JPG Finally, Alberta and the Sentinels that look over some of the most beautiful country on the planet. Even though we have been coming here for nearly 20 years I still start acting like a 10-year old on opening day of fishing.

101_0015-2.JPG One of the many productive runs that usually hold wild (Alberta stocks a few lakes but no streams to my knowledge) cutties and large bows. Started Czeching this run and was quickly rewarded.

101_0022.JPG Typical Cuttie of about 17" that is about average for this stream. This particular Cuttie took the dry fly with reckless abandon. A perfectly, proportioned wild creature caught in wild surroundings. Life is good, for at least a week!

101_0024.JPG We like spending late, Alberta evenings wild life viewing and spotted this large group of Elk. All together, there were close to 50 of them.

101_0021.JPG My favorite run that has trout lurking tight to the bank at this time of the year. I love being lazy by not even wading. Instead staying back in the tall grass dropping the Caddis-GS within 6 inches of the bank for large bows and cut ties. I have even caught a beautiful Brown and a Bull Trout near by on dries. This trip only produced Bows, Cutties, and Whitefish.

101_0020.JPG Scenery like this is around every corner and makes you remember you are not at the top of the food chain as there are many Grizzly sightings in this particular area. We respect the "Great Bear" especially in their home turf.

101_0030.JPG I was fortunate to catch quite a few bows of which there were three like this 20+inch beauty. This one had a preference for the Evil Weevil. Got really lucky catching two more like this one on the dry.

101_0027.JPG Just love to see this access site overgrown! Fished this area until dark, which is about 11:00 this far north. Worked over two rising cutties that finally succumbed to a size 16 EHC with a good down stream drift. Not going to admit the 10 other flies (emerges, cripples, etc.) that failed. You know, it's the presentation, stupid!

! 101_0032.JPG These majestic peaks in the distance represent Waterton Lakes Privincial park which is adjacent to Glacier National Park.

Can't wait until next year!

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